Eco Tourism Certification of Eucumbene Trout Farm

Eco Tourism Certification of Eucumbene Trout Farm

Eco tourism Australia has awarded Eucumbene Trout Farm eco certification (lV) for nature tourism for their tours and fishing experiences. The farm in this process also received Tourism Accreditation Australia, “TAAL” certification.

Eco certification is a globally recognised brand which assists travellers to choose environmentally, socially and, economically sustainable experiences. The certification that the products are backed by strong well managed commitments to sustainable high quality nature based experiences.

It was judged that Eucumbene Trout Farm soundly meet all the requisite criteria for this certification with it’s tours and fishing experiences.

Eucumbene Trout Farm is an operating trout farm where you can learn about the farming of trout and experience catching a trout and cooking it on site if you desire. Critical to the farm is the energy, water, and best practice management which ensures their sustainability. The fact they have some diversification with their Eucumbene highland cattle and Eucumbene Alpaca's also assists with their viability and sustainability.

The farm see the need to farm fish as an alternative to fishing the seas where many specie are threatened despite the extent of the worlds oceans and hence trout, and while they are an introduced species there benefits as a recreational activity and as a culinary delight are well documented, hence this farm.

Ecotourism Australias' Leonie Bowles stated “Eucumbene Trout Farm had demonstrated best practice, and had proved that it was one of our exemplary operators in terms of ecological sustainability, nature area management and provision of quality ecotourism experiences”.

Eco Certified Nature Tourism Accredited Tourism Business Australia

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