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History of Eucumbene Trout Farm

In 1846 William Jardine, a Scottish immigrant, established a landholding at Round Plain which he named “Bullenbalong”. The present trout farm homestead, circa 1889, is built near the site of his original farmhouse.

Construction of the Eucumbene Trout Farm was commenced in 1973 by the Craig family. After constructing the main dam, “Stony Lake” a small hatchery was established and trout were grown in large floating cages in the Lake. In December 1980 a flood event, with a 6’ deep wave caused damage to the cage structures on the Lake.
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Subsequently the result involved the construction of many small tanks and a large building to house the fingerlings. Finally several large external tanks were built for grow out and broodstock.

In 1988 the farm was purchased by John and Margaret Crago and a major redevelopment was undertaken involving extensive landscaping, picnic and BBQ areas and establishing the Trout farm as a popular regional destination.

At various stages the farm has included a vets clinic and horse riding.

The Eucumbene Trout Farm in the pristine Snowy Mountains of NSW is the only place where you can leave with your own Trout.

Stage 3 Eucumbene Trout Farm development plan for tourism in 1987

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