Fantastic Service, wonderful food Caught my first trout (x2!)The Alpaca Burger was amazing will bring the rest of the tribe next time

- by Lydia & Noeline & Anthony, Sydney


- by Lachlan and Alisha Hill Top NSW


- by Doug Moruya

Great Work thanks so much

- by Maria Berowra NSW

Fantastic day for my 7 year olds birthday

- by Kitcheners Armidale NSW

Interesting I like it

- by Kia Earlwood NSW

Interesting tour and had great fun catching Dinner

- by Russ and Sandre Glemhaven NSW

Best smoked trout ever

- by Julia and Tony Lemon Tree Passage NSW

Lovely day

- by Mully Victoria

how’s the serenity? Beautiful spot peaceful and beautiful trout

- by Horan Fairlight Sydney

lovely to catch your own lunch and cook it- great hospitality

- by Adrian and Leonie Balga WA

We had a fun filled day!caught lots of fish!!

- by Lloyd family Woden ACT

Excellent place to be! Am getting stuff! highly recommended

- by Colin and Michaela Gympie QLD

It was fun!

- by Euan Mt Riverview

A wonderful place, so quiet! Nice, Thankyou for the Tour.

- by De Ruyter, Holland

Great day out, took a while to catch some fish but worth it in the end

- by Helen, Andrew,Ryan and Evelyn


- by Andy & Sean, Sydney

It was fun!

- by Euan Mt Riverview

A wonderful place, so quiet! Nice, Thankyou for the Tour.

- by De Ruyter, Holland

Great day out, took a while to catch some fish but worth it in the end

- by Helen, Andrew,Ryan and Evelyn


- by Andy & Sean, Sydney

Had a fantastic time thankyou

- by Adam & Amber Ferris William and Jacob Ferris

Great time. Thanks again, will be back

- by L Sinwan Central Coast

Absolutely Orsum!!!!!

- by Ta & Moana Turangi NZ


- by Paul and Kerin Jarvis

awesome epic, caught the fish of the day

- by Gino, Lorraine, Dylan, Ethan, Rita, Michelle Lilie and TJ

caught 4. Lots of fun. Kids love it. We come back every year.

- by Syme Family

caught one, lost a few! Lots of Fun

- by Walbank Family


- by Jacques & Schagne


- by Bea ,Robyn, Danny, Keefa

Fun afternoon! Caught my first trout! yay

- by Robert & Alyse

Great way to celebrate 45th anniversary

- by Ann and Stephen

Got to come back again, brilliant! Loved it so much Great info, Great coffee, Great Fun

- by Marc and Maria

Awesome fun!!! We will be back

- by Bee & Nicki

Fantistic retreat for the family. It was great to feel welcomed as soon as we walked in the door. Thankyou!

- by The Remin family

wonderful. We have tea!!

- by Laurie &Carol Lewin


- by Chris Stanfield

very pleasant environment, Thankyou

- by Jamie & Jillian

Cool experience

- by Keenan Family

Awesome kids caught more fish than I did

- by Martin Sherwin

Caught 5 trout, ate 4 absolutely delicious. We will be back!!

- by Adrian, Sardh, William & Ava Canberra

We just loved it here so welcoming and friendly

- by The Kurellas, Cooma

Awesome, 4 fish in an hour kids had a great time

- by The Gibbs family, Lakes Entrance VIC

great fish excellent service

- by Nancy from Chullora

Wonderful-Thank you

- by The Goldsmiths

Amazing!! Never done fishing before!! Love the cat!!

- by Fleur, Jane & Same

Awesome! Very memorable experience. My wifes first fish!

- by Callum & Sarah

Very good enjoyable especially for my wife 50 years of age an never caught a trout or eaten trout, loved it

- by Peter & Vicki from Mossvale

Good fun day. It was a draw!!:)

- by Rhee and Sid from Merimbula

Wonderful experience for the family-quiet, relaxing & delicious freshly caught fish..

- by Lettfuss Family from Bungendore, NSW

Time my daughter caught 2 fish. Thank you will come again!!!

- by THE TAYLORS from Sydney

1st time caught a fish, can't believe it. I am about to go over the moon and stay there

- by Ridwan Moshin from Sydney



Lots of fun! Caught 3 fish

- by Jess/Emma from Sydney

Fish tacos tonight

- by Sam and Jools

Cripsy Trout Skin-delicious in a pan with hot oil on a salad or pasta!!

- by Auranuj Ming

Caught 2 nice fish. I had fun

- by Jerome Dauda from Sydney, NSW

Awesome!!! Driving past saw the sign couldn't resist what a fantastic place, thank you

- by Bogdanovski Family

Great time! Great fish=Great lunch + dinner Thanks!

- by Brad, Rebecca, Harry, Charlotte, Lucy and Jack

Dinner is served! Thank you. Beautiful place, special day, special people. We’ll be back. Definitely spread the word. Cheers

- by Pete! By Scotty, Jess and Travis Narara NSW

Had fun, trout was yum I got the biggest 1.28kg

- by Hein LYN and Alyssa from Adelaide

Beautiful! Scenery!

- by Cindy Taylor and Wayne Schultz from Muswellbrook NSW

Everyone caught a decent fish, everything is well thought out

- by Bronte, Rory, Karen and Francey from Sydney

We loved fishing, especially when we caught a fish!!

- by Karen & Luke from Adelaide

Great family fun- sure catch worked!

- by Rourla family from Mudgee

Lots of fun for family outing

- by Linda Samberio from Canberra

Delicious Trout

- by Janelle, Tony and Ashleigh from Newcastle

Summer time had a lot of fun

- by Adrian Nigro

Good fun

- by Sophia & kids from Charters Towers

WOW! How quick was that 2 fish in 5 min Beaut size looks good eating We’re impressed

- by Victor and Vicki

Great fun for our boys thanks!!

- by David and Laura Wallacia Sydney

Unfortunately, no fish, but they kindly netted a trout for us to cook it on the BBQ with salad. Great Service & YUM

- by Eddie and Abbey

We can’t wait to enjoy our catch!! Had a great day Thanks

- by Martin Family from Oakville NSW

BRILLIANT!!! Amazing People & amazing place

- by Sumants from Sydney

a fish at last

- by Bernard, Sandra from Wyong Victoria


- by Jim, Graham, Harry from Brisbane

Excellent services

- by Zed and Ben from Sydney

Caught 2 beauties in half an hour, Excellent

- by Barb and Dave from Brighton Adelaide SA

great fun and delicious eating, thankyou for cooking my fish

- by Brett and Marie from Collingwood Park QLD


- by Harry, Mal, Teana from Merimbula

I got a bite......... It was this big.........I need help, cheers Shorty

- by 723 SQUADRON NAVY from HMAS Albatross

we caught eight fishes! Thankyou!

- by emily, jase, Neelan, Lyle& Karen, Stephen and Jess from Sydney

awesome, thankyou! Fantastic!

- by Scotty from Jindabyne

Excellent – great experience

- by Keith and Desley from Brisbane

Great experience, owners were friendly and helpful!!

- by Sonia and Greg from Bellevue Hill Sydney

4 trout 2 were over 1 kilo greatest fishing experience 1.7kg and 1.48 kg Thank you

- by De Magry family from Sydney

Amazing experience. 2 trout Great

- by Werfel family from Adelaide

Caught 1 fish, great fighters

- by Will from Sydney

good fun

- by Matt from Jindabyne

loved it, so exciting “sure catch pond”

- by Kirra from Melbourne VIC

Absolutely awesome

- by Mark, Pippa, Annabelle, Andy, Daryl and Kay. Josh from Crows Nest Qld

lovely fish, company

- by Julie and Phillip from Bunbury WA

kids had a great time, service great as well thanks

- by Decarlo family from Kellyville Sydney

Fantastic Place and people

- by Allan from Queanbeyan

Amazing fun. Wonderful fish

- by Michelle, Megan, Melanie and Millicent from Sarawak Malaysia

Great fun! great people! Great fish

- by Dan and Kaytie from Adelaide SA

Great fun lovely beautiful place

- by Ross-Passi Family Cairns

have a great time!Kids loved fishing and Emily had biggest fish of the day! Thanks heaps

- by Milinkovic family from Sydney

excellent time!caught 4 fish will come back.Thankyou for great coffee!

- by Chessell family from Gold Coast Qld

We caught a 700gm trout, Yay!

- by Yap and Lee familys from Miranda NSW and Willeton WA

Kids had great fun. Enjoyable day

- by Port Headland WA

36 years ago was last at Eucumbene, here is the place

- by Tim, Heather, Amy and Shania Kalgoolie WA

fabulous time thankyou and good luck with the business

- by Andrew, Nolene, Ethan, Nyah from Kalgoolie WA

Wonderful day. Good fishing and delicious lunch. We’ll tell others to come.

- by Hawken’s and Rigby’s from Wodgodga NSW

Wonderful fishing time Great fun, cooking your own fish Delicious! Love it

- by Kitty Ng Prospect NSW

finally caught a fish,yeh!

- by Tanya from Brisbane

Kids and family had a ball!! Thanks for a great day

- by John, Frieda, Maya, Steff, Reyna and Danny from Indonesia

Great kids caught 3 fish the largest was 900gms caught by Ashley the champ

- by Alex and Ben from Cooranbong

I was here 30 years ago and it’s still great

- by Burns, Budds and Bourkes Sydney

I caught 3 fish!!!

- by Angela

Had a great relaxing time,caught2x 600gmfish BBQed and ate yummy

- by Shirley Finch

well established place Road was a bit poor , will come again!

- by Van Houton family


- by Pat Jardine, now of Cooma

Well done many memories of years gone by

- by David Jardine

Great to see the changes over the years

- by Alison Clifford of Berridale

very good

- by Lawrence, Clinton, Tiffany Brindevene

great to see it all up and running well again

- by Jardine 5 Bullenbalong

enjoyable day

- by C Nuesen from Cooma Visitors Centre

great to see it all operating again

- by Frances Redden from Cooma Visitors Centre


- by Katrin Hackney Cooma Visitors centre

Great People and Food

- by Jenny Crowe Cross Roads, Berridale

Interesting day

- by Gordon Crowe Cross Roads Berridale

A Great Place To Visit

- by Ron Harvey Jerrabomberra

Very Good fun and well done

- by Michael Harvey Jerrabomberra


- by Robyn Seven Oaks Rocky Plain

Carnt wait to come again

- by Athalie Rocky Plain

Great fish, coffee and warm fire, excellent friendly staff

- by Felicity Rocky Plain

Great business we will be back

- by Morgan from Singapore

Great day for the family, ate our catch-was delicious

- by Clifton family

Fun day!

- by Rebecca and Ander

Fantastic day

- by Williams family

awesome customer service Thanks so much

- by Chang family from Singapore

Had a great day with lots of fun with the Rutters, Thank you lots!!

- by Refalo family

Caught a 1.5 kilo male trout to be released, put up a big fight, great fun

- by Kilborns

What a wonderful outing! What a great host and wonderful food!

- by Mathew, Isabella and Cara

the food was wonderful and so much fun to catch. Thankyou for a great day

- by Shasha, Leah, Emma, Mick


- by the men from VINEYARD

it was fun fishing!!! After catching a fish, cooking then eating them, the fish were delish!!! Recommend this place!!!

- by Sean, Gabrielle, Hannah, Lara and Dominic

Great, Great time Thank you, see you soon

- by Clive, Elizabeth from Ulladulla

Excellent, Thanks. What a day

- by Les, Joanne, Byron, Aiden

It was amazing, had lots of fun and found it to be a great experience!!!Plus the fish were YUM!!! We will be back! THANKYOU!!

- by Hannah, Leah, Wayne, Helen from Yowie

interesting and fun

- by Kiandra


- by The Farrs

Nice big trout! lots of fun for us all

- by The Shers

Great fun, nice fish

- by M Sant

great place more people should see it, Thanks

- by Rusty

thanks for catching 1 for me

- by C Hansen

We had a great time fishing, I had so much fun! So fun, Maya caught the first fish

- by Hughes gang

great day out- Council should put up signs

- by A & A Durant.

had 4 fishs and wonderful lunch. Thanks

- by Hany, Dennis, Anton, Polus, Elissa and Jason from Sydney

had a best time to catch 2 fish

- by Baly Tse from Sydney

had a great time fishing caught and ate, enjoyed. Thanks we will be back again

- by Coby, Rory and Bella from Cooma

fishy why are you sleeping

- by Andersons from Sydney

the heat, the flies, the fish....a perfect day in the mountains and now for lunch

- by Reiner and Michele from Kings Cross

I learnt a lot about introduced fish. Thanks. The kids loved catching a fish

- by Wilsons from Milthorpe

Guys loved the day! very interesting tour, will come back in winter

- by Parkers from Lake Macquarie

Better luck next time!

- by Brannons from Wollongong

lovely smoked Trout

- by Noonans from Newcastle

Great Experience, will look forward to a good feed

- by Delimitro family from Concord

Amazing trout!! Yuam !!

- by Soon from Boyce

look forward to work in progress progressing

- by Ivan, Nicole, Ethan and Lachlan from Berowra

delicious Trout!!

- by Stefone and Anna Lane Cove

delicious Trout

- by Wayne and Miriam from Murrumbatteman

great to visit we trust the business grows

- by Keith and Barry from Tullimbar

great fun and I’m sure it will be great eating

- by Sam & Elise from Nowra

great fun and even better eating the fruits of our labour! Thanks very much for the excellent hospitality!

- by Kate & John from Newcastle

awesome, relaxing and eventful afternoon, delicious trout, helpful information and delightful couple!Thanks so much

- by Roxane & Andrew from Bondi

we hope you make it a success

- by Rod and Sam from Brighton Qld

800 grams

- by Mathew from Campbelltown

2xfish, Yeah

- by Eddie from Nowra

Thankyou for the hospitality

- by Angelo from Canberra

Cliftons/crawthers 1.0

- by Josh from Neutral Bay

Fantastic time, thankyou

- by from Wagga Wagga 21/10

Great Time

- by Norm from Wagga Wagga

keep up the good work

- by Joan from Port Macquarie

Caught 3 fish, great

- by Aiann, Brian and David from Watson ACT

It was lovely, just like our place it was friendly and we had a relaxing time. The food was great too. Thankyou

- by Ray and Maryanne. From Lake Burinjuck Leisure Resort, Yass NSW

Interesting and fun

- by Robyn from Cootamundra

Had a great time and caught a fish between us all its my birthday on the 7th yah!

- by Flynn, Toby & Dad from Forde via Kalymaroo


- by DJ, Sue, Lyn, Jayden from Adaminaby

Awesome! Thankyou!

- by MJ, Josiah & Zamirah from Two Wells, South Australia

we had a great time! We all caught a fish!!!

- by Jenny, Anna, Tom and Dougall

Awesome experience followed by a superb Lunch with a relaxing walk around the lake

- by Michael and An-anh from Sydney

great experience especially for the 4 year old! Most peaceful experience indeed.

- by Patel Family from Canberra

excellent trout, lovely owner! Great plan.......very impressed

- by Iris and Lam Wong

Gr8 experience!!!”,”had an awesome day, caught trout & enjoyed lunch

- by Walker and Brown families From Gympie Qld

WooHoo! George caught his first fish with daddy’s help. Aden caught a fantastic “ginormous” fish too

- by Cowdroy family

One of the nicest most peaceful afternoons since I can remember when lovely! Went too quick

- by Bernie and Colin from Canberra

Great afternoon

- by Peter & Shaz, Steve & Tilly, Bella & George from St Albans Sydney

Great fun! Loved the Trout on the BBQ!! Thank you Peter

- by Fernando family

A beautiful place, hope to visit again soon

- by Bugendore

Kids had a blast! Will make the trip again next year

- by Chapman clan and Uncle Red from Cambeltown and Berry

Unreal fun - live the dream

- by Waz and Terry Nicol from Brisbane

Very good for fishing, fantastic concept

- by John and Meg from Berowra

Good fun for all the kids! Sure catch!

- by Ann and Simon Munslow from Jerrabomberra

Great, exciting time for all

- by Davis/Clouten families from Weipa/Jindabyne/Coffs Harbour

Great birthday treat for our six year old

- by Rodrigez family from Sydney

Fish can't get fresher than this

- by Henry and Holly from Sydney

A lovely way to spend a morning

- by Jeff and Karen from Maryborough Queensland

sure catch yewwww!

- by Krystal and Gemma

What a lovely day

- by Daryl and Tricia Jeffries

As always great to catch up and great to catch fish

- by Brock Family from Melbourne

A very peaceful place

- by Aguson Family from Sydney

Had fun catching fish

- by Renedo Family Group From Sydney

Isabella caught 1 fish and poppy caught 1 fish, kids loved the experience

- by The Baldwins

Kids caught two fish, fish tasted good

- by Lai's and Mui's from Sydney

Kids had a lot of fun

- by Currawah AA College NSW

A new record for the sure catch pond 820grams

- by The Williams from Melbourne

4 big fish-it's great that a man can provide for his family. Thanks heaps

- by The Aspro family from Alexandria Sydney

Loved the catch!! Snowflakes-big huge-fantastic

- by The Milne's from Brisbane

Sure catch pond really is sure catch, snow flurries too, if I was a fish I would live here

- by Carey, Alison, Chaos, Adam and Geoff from Queensland

Caught two big trout..awesome....owners are great, dinner will be great tonight

- by Candi and Jeremy from Sydney

Caught my first trout yum for dinner

- by Mandie from Cronulla

I wish we caught more fish...

- by Zegar from Sydney

2 big fish

- by The Fergusons from Sydney

Lots of fun

- by Minh from Sydney

Quality fun

- by The Reilly's from Laguna

Fantastic for kids

- by Sanjay from Blair Athol

Burn Pete.....1.65kilos

- by John from Perth

14 fish great fun on rotten day

- by Team Zara from Hills Sydney


- by Peter from Sydney

Great people great fish

- by Nearly family from Buxton

Fun to catch fish so easily, and prepard well for us too

- by Sam from Croydon

Good to catch some fish

- by Matt from Engadine

Glad i brought my ute!

- by Dustin from Engadine

Great experience

- by Hayden from Gosford

Great fun

- by Lorraine from Melbourne

Good place and fun

- by Matt from Brisbane

We wanted to catch some trout and take back to Sydney and stopped at Eucumbene Trout Farm where we caught 3 trout of 440, 500 and 600 grams. The experience was awesome, wel will be doing that again!

- by John and Andrew

We caught our first trout here, a rainbow, that was fun.

- by Peter

Tried fly fishing on Stony Lake and well no luck there, but was successful at the sure catch pond with a nice 335 gram trout

- by Brad

I arrived around 9.30am and attended Stony Lake with a baited rod and reel and in spectacular style caught 3 rainbow trout over the next two hours and all over 1 kilo. The fishing doesn’t get any better than that!

- by Jared

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