The Experience

Trout fishing at the farm

We will offer a premium fishing experience on our 6 hectare “Stony Lake” and patrons in the absence of success at the lake have the opportunity to attend the “sure catch tank”.

Patrons may use a standard rod and reel or a fly rod to enhance their fishing experience.

Rods, reels and nets are provided and in fact it is a requirement at the farm that only equipment provided on the farm can be used on the farm to ensure pristine conditions for the trout are maintained.

Both learners and experienced fisherman can enjoy the park surrounds and fishing. Experiencing Eucumbene Trout Farm

Fish caught are not to be released and must be taken to the kitchen for cleaning and sale purposes.

Mum and dads have the opportunity to let the older children catch their lunch and dinner on the day and cook it!.

You can use your skills to catch a fresh Trout. “FRESH CATCH SURE CAN”, simply it does not get fresher than this.

Caught fish are presented to staff at kitchen, where they are humanely dispatched and cleaned, the skin is left on as it is easily removed after cooking. The fish are costed by weight.

The fisherman may then either take their catch with them or cook it on a bbq provided. Where cooked on site a teaspoon mix of, garlic, butter, chives, parsley and a lemon slice are placed in the fish, which is then wrapped in foil and returned to the angler for cooking on the BBQ provided.

Then on the BBQ for 8 minutes each side with a choice of chips and/or green salad will be available.

How good, caught a fish, cooked it, consumed it, “FROM LAKE TO PLATE” and its only lunch time.

Farm Tours

Tours of our farm are scheduled at 10am and 2pm daily or other times by appointment.

The tours focus on the farm's sustainability.

Topics covered include:

  • Food conversion ratio for trout.
  • Recycling water on the farm
  • Out water licence
  • Farm diversification
  • Farm operation and new equipment

The tour will include:

  1. Inspection of trout grow out tanks with various trout
  2. The biofiltration dam
  3. Stony lake

Tours take approximately 30 minutes

You should keep a lookout on the farm for the bird life such as: Wrens, Robbins and Finches


Entry: $10 per person - Under 5 FREE

Guided Tours at 10am and 2pm: $14.00 per person, includes entry
(30 minutes tour). Other times by arrangement.

Rod Hire: $15.00 (includes bait & landing net)
maximum 3 hours. It is catch and keep. Flyrod hire and instruction by arrangement.

Caught Trout: $33.00 per kilogram. It is catch and keep.
limit 2 trout per person per day

Group Bookings: It is essential to book if you have a group of 10 or more.

Opening Hours

Closed until further notice

Other times by appointment.
Groups welcome - booking & rates by appointment


Learn more about our accommodation near Jindabyne and Cooma at Eucumbene Trout Farm.

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