Rainbow trout are on the bite, at Eucumbene Trout Farm

Rainbow trout are on the bite, at Eucumbene Trout Farm

Eucumbene Trout Farms' history goes back to the Jardin family who settled there in the 1840's and which was turned into a trout farm in the mid 1970's offering a unique fishing experience. The farm only stocks rainbow trout, with their distinctive pinkish stripes and are the preferred trout due to their links to the salmon family. Rainbow trout were introduced into Australia in the 1890's and while an introduced species are well regarded for the recreational benefits.

The Eucumbene Trout Farm is located in Rocky Plain midway between Jindabyne and Berridale, sitting at 1100 metres above sea level on Stoney Creek whose waters flow into the Snowy River. The farm has its own 6 hectare pristine, 'Stony lake' and has 9 grow out tanks, and 3 large ponds including the famous 'sure catch pond', all of which exclusively hold rainbow trout.

Rainbow trout are reportedly scarce in the Snowy Mountains with catches becoming a rarity such that this concern has been front page news in the Canberra Times on May 19 and included a summit held in Cooma on the 29th of May to discuss the matter. The summit, hosted by the NSW Department of Primary Industry was to allow anglers to voice their concerns and was attended by some 100 plus interested parties on the scarcity of rainbow trout.

This is not so at Eucumbene Trout Farm with their stock of rainbow trout.

When the rainbow trout are caught there are onsite BBQ's to cook the catch and the cottage kitchen can provide some nice additions, which can be enjoyed in the picnic grounds or inside if the weather is unfriendly.

Recent records include a 1.89 kilo rainbow trout caught in the tanks in January, 2.4 kilo rainbow from the lake, while the average of 0.5 kilo rainbow trout is more the norm. The Eucumbene Trout Farm fishing experience represents a fun value activity for the whole family to enjoy. The farm in addition to a trout fishing experience, also offers tours/talks on the farm and its sustainability receiving ecotourism certification in 2013.

Booking are required for groups of 5 or more to avoid disappointment, the farm is open 10 to 4 daily and all school holidays or by appointment.

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