Energy management at the Trout Farm (with ABC radio interview)

Energy management at the Trout Farm (with ABC radio interview)

The management of energy and water on the farm is a crucial aspect of operations with the need to control costs and water on site. Historical management involving pool pumps and recycling of water are not appropriate in 2014, rather we have to embrace innovation with current energy efficient pumps and generation practices. The latter involving the installation of a 5 KW solar system which can generate 25kw a day of electricity and can be applied at energy demand high points.

We practice water management at the cost of energy to sustain water on the property , but not at any cost, as we will release water to avoid costs too! This and management of trout density and minimising the waste stream assists in preserving the crucial oxygen levels necessary for the trout at economic levels.

Where ever possible we have sort to reduce our energy demands with solar electric fencing to our heat pump for hot water.

Of course what goes on behind the scene is not always of interest to the budding fisherman seeking the elusive rainbow trout, equally without this work there would be no trout for while there are some 22 permits in NSW many are not operational due to costs.

See below to listen to the interview with ABC radio

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