Stocking Stoney Lake, reaps rewards

The farms Stony Lake has been subject to ongoing stocking with rainbow trout albeit some 500 trout a year.

The dam the original site of the farm trout which was wiped out by a storm in 1980 and subsequently with the closure in 2008 saw stock released into the Lake. Reopening the farm in 2012 and undertaking a restocking program has seen fish number increasing with many sightings. We have still to establish sustainability of the lake stock while clearly the rainbow presence is evident and has sources back to the earliest days of the farm.

Cody, an experience trout fisherman, with his friend Luke on Monday, 30 March, caught one Rain bow trout of some 3 kilos and some 2 others escape, of course they were bigger they always are! He has photos he is yet to provide us with while there have been many other sightings.

The farms lake of some 300 million litres is a sight in the tranquil setting so we look forward to new records.

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