Solar power reducing our operating costs

Solar power reducing our operating costs

Our 5kw solar system with 26 solar panels has now been installed and is intended to reduce operating costs on the farm. Currently, we are endeavouring to use gravity feed for water through the farm wherever possible to reducing the past reliance on pumps. Of course the main pump transferring water from the duck pond/sediment pond to the biofiltration dam for treatment before returning to the Lake, now will be done when sun is optimum and solar energy can power the pump. Similiarly, we will attempt to match power consumption with available solar energy, we can monitor this with our wireless hand set providing us with real time energy consumption records and solar energy production.

One key point is that our need to move water is much higher in the summer months which is when the optimum solar energy is available.

Quantam solar heat pump hot water system

Historically, the farm was dependent on pumping water to maintain critical oxygen levels for our trout, with rising energy costs this is no longer practical. In meeting this challenge as discussed elsewhere the use of aeration in the ponds has mitigated this need and now even more so with solar energy being available.

We have taken further steps to reduce operating costs with the installation of a solar heat pump, providing hotwater. The particular Quantum pump can produce 24 litres of hot water per hour at -10°C.

Solar powered electric fencing

Not to end here we also have solar powered electric fencing to protect our livestock too.

All this means we continue to build on the farms sustainability, reducing our dependence on external factors in this instant electricity.

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